Revenge is sweet?

I got chatting to a attractive man on a dating site , he seemed perfect ! We met and he was lovely but I noticed he was knocking back the rum and drove home after our date :/ . He didn't look like his pictures on the site he looked older so obviously his pictures were old , he was more bold with greying facial hair and he smoked pot which wasn't mentioned on his profile.. All n all I warmed to him I was still attracted to him so thought I'd give it a go. As the month went by we slept together he told me things that made me feel special but he was smoking a lot of pot and rum was on his back seat of his car but I tried to ignore this as its his own business and what he does etc.. One night I saw his phone calling and it was a women's name I asked who it was he said it was someone he was seeing a while ago and she keeps calling him lately , I ignored it and believed him. We arranged a noght together at a hotel because I have two children I wouldn't bring a man into my home unless it was serious , I booked the hotel and he went mad at me !! he said why book that one? I told you to book the hotel I told you to book !! He was angry because the one he wanted had a smokers room , he was so annoyed and he said why didn't you do what I told you to do :/ . We met up and had a nice night at the hotel then while we were outside having a cig in his car I noticed the same women called his phone at 2am !! I said answer it and he said no it's my cousin , I thought what a liar !! He said I swear on my kids life's it's my cousin !! I told him he told me differently? He said well he must have got them mixed up. He knew I as upset , in the morning while he showered at the hotel I noticed his phone had 4 missed calls from this women I saw red and I got up and shouted liar !! And I quickly left the hotel got in my car and went home , he kept calling me saying it's his cousin etc... I was shocked and upset , all I was looking for was someone to love and be in a relationship and he

He had taken advantage on me , so I got revenge by faking a profile on the dating site he fell for it and traveled to a fake address thinking he was meeting a women lol I made a fool out of him and told him what I had done now he's blocked him... Is revenge sweet? I'm not feeling bad about it but he lied to me and made me think we had something when all he did was use me and my feelings
He's a 37 yr old man as well , I feel sorry for his next victim , he's blocked me but even tho he did what he did in my heart I still like him :/ so o messaged to apologise because I want to move on with out bitterness. I just hope he doesn't hurt someone else... I have lost trust in men now


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  • Don't contact him. I know you want to move on without bitterness and what not. But secretly you want to get back with him. Think of your kids, would he be a great example for them? You'll meet someone who's as nice as you are and care for you and your kids. Until then, don't worry about apologising to guys who cheat on you.

    • Thank you your spot on ! He will end up sad n lonely I suppose , I just really wanted someone in my life I was lonely and looking for love , I'm just a fool , abd thank you again

    • You're not a fool. I was just dumped by a guy who promised to stay with me forever. So I know how difficult it is. It's not easy to be single. But you have to learn to love yourself and the right guy will come to you.

    • I do feel better now he's gone :) he used me and said the things I wanted t hear.. I hope your ok x

  • Lol I almost thought about making a fake one too. It's a good laugh

    • He fell for it good n proper , and the sickest part to it all and when I asked him this I thought he would catch on it was fake ! .. He said I'm here outside but I can't see your house? I then replied back on the fake profile... " would you like a 3some with me and my boyfriend " and he replied yes !!! Eww that made me sick I was shocked... I just had to tell him about the fake profile I hope he feels like a fool like I did lol

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    • Yes I reported him and his profile has disappeared :) thank you girls xxx

    • Yay!! I don't think POF is that lenient. I mean it's Free but they definitely don't want a bad reputation.

      I met my date on OK Cupid. He didn't really lie but his photos were 2yrs old and he was a little shorter than his profile. He went ghost on me but I don't have the energy to make a fake profile. I'm not sure how long he's been single but I can kind of see why

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