Would I be considered dateable or repulsive?

So i've never dated or been kissed. I'm very shy but i can be funny and i'm very smart. I play the piano, and i'm an intellectual. Those are the good things about me. I got bullied when i was younger so i am very cautious in all relationships (friends and boys). I've never had the guts to show my interest in anyone. People think i'm pretty ( i don't think so) and i get a lot of attention from guys. Girls are very mean sometimes even though i am nice to everyone. I'm homeschooled and i have very strict and religous parents ( i just went to the movies for the first time this week. I'm 16) Right now i have no real friendsI. I don't feel loved. My best friend's life got really horrible and she doesn't care about anything anymore. I feel lonely. I take so long to decide if i like a guy I don't know if any guys are interested anymore. They think i'm pretty but i'm too shy to show my personality so they either try and eventually back off or are just attracted.

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I didn't mean to sound arrogant when I said an "intellectual." I just was trying to say I like to challenge my mind. I like being playful sometimes but sometimes I prefer substance rather than how many Instagram followers so-and-so has; for example


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  • You have three barriers to dating:
    - you don't meet many guys
    - you don't reciprocate when guys show interest
    - if people perceive you to be obedient to your parents' religious wishes, they may interpret that as you not wanting a boyfriend, at least not the sort of boyfriend they want to be.

    None of these are about you not being date-worthy. It more comes down to them thinking you're basically unavailable - if they know about you at all.

    • I try to be nice but when I say hi they stare. I don't so much of my personality, that's true

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  • I wouldn't date anyone who called themselves "an intellectual"


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  • Where a person comes from doesn't always matter. Where they are trying to get to does

    • That's what keeps me going

  • Well I have no idea what you look like

    • Most people tend to think I'm pretty but like I said that's most. You may or may not. But I'm not posting a pic. I just wanted to see if I sounded date able

  • It's almost impossible to tell without the picture.


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