Girls, calling all lesbians! Can you help me help my sister find ways to meet other girls who like girls?

My little sister came out as a lesbian to me by crying her face off when she thought she was home alone and her eventually spilling that she hates who she is because she likes girls and there's never any lesbians anywhere. I tried to convince her it was okay and she'll find someone and I'm okay with her being gay if she's worried about that, but the more we talked the more it seems like the only issue she has with being gay is that she's never happy WITH someone because she can't find any lesbians anywhere. I said "online" and she laughed saying that every girl expects every other girl to message and no one ever does and even if she does no one answers. I can't help but feel like shit that my little sister is feeling so alone and I've never known and I don't know how to help. I even started watching documentaries and searching online and it's sadly very true. The gay community is strong in the world of hook ups and finding love, the lesbian community though is apparently scattered and dead. Do any lesbians out there have any advice for me on how to help her and for my sister on how to find someone and how to keep hope? We could both really use your support if anyone is actually out there.


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  • Try a lesbian bar