There was an issue involving my bg ex, his sister went on her side, AM I overreacting if I get upset? please help?

long story short, his ex text my boyfriend sister "congratulating" my boyfriend it appears someone made a fake account of his sister and put pics of us saying we were, so his ex and sister got all buddy and were "clearing things up" so i got upset and i told him to ask his sister for hi ex's number to tell her to stop texting his family, and his sister replied " she (meaning his ex) doesn't need to be grag into this", he asked again, and she replied " why tho" so to me it seems as his sister was protecting her ( ex) it made me upset, so i broke up with him, his mom called i didn't ans, his sister sent a text asking if i was "ok" i didn't ans, i need opinions please!!!


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  • I don't really get this story, but basically you broke up with him over him not wanting his ex to be involved with drama?