I hate my study?

I hate it, im doing a course for secretary/officemanager and I've been doing it for 2 years now and I hate it. It goes against my nature, im scared im going to end up in a job, I hate where I dont get to say in things and have to follow orders like a slave. I am really unhappy because of this, its also too late to turn around because I m running out of time, ill be 25 when im done or 27 and then I want out. They say language is everything so I hope I will outsmart many people and get a job where I can grow further. I hate lying everyday and saying I like it. I dont know where my passions lay.


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  • there's many jobs where you'll have a Boss though, and you'll have to follow those orders, but not like a slave, it's not that bad xD

    • Apart from that. Try out some different hobbies/social groups of things that you might want to do so you get an idea and discover something new :o

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