What does he really want from me?

I met this guy who just so happens to be my neighbor. We spend a lot of time together and one night we had sex. I know how I am. I can't have sex with someone and not catch feelings. So I asked him what he was looking for and he said he's not looking for a relationship. So I told him that we can't have sex anymore because I don't want to confuse things. He agreed, but ever since then he's been wanting to hang out with me every night! We don't have sex, we just talk and cuddle. But if he doesn't want a relationship and he knows I do, and he already had sex with me, then why is he still spending so much time with me since we are clearly on different pages dating wise. Wouldn't he try to move on to the next?


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  • He doesn't want to commit. He does, however, seems to want companionship.


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