Met multiple good girls at once before going away. How do I handle this?

My life is such that I go through months without getting a single date, and now all of a sudden, I get 12 dates in a span of 2 weeks. The thing is, I'm leaving interstate to an absolute hole for work where I doubt I'd meet anyone.
I've been on 5 dates so far, 4 of which wanted to keep in touch with me, in spite of me making it clear that I'm going interstate. I told them "Right now, I'm just going on dates to get to know girls". We haven't had sex. We have cuddled and kissed though, when the chemistry was there and the moment was right.
There are 2 girls who I really like - one who I met, and one who I'm about to. The only thing is, if it's reciprocal, I'm not sure I'd want to do long distance. If I do end up with one but it doesn't work out, I felt I met a lot of great, valuable women who I probably won't meet again, so how do I keep them as options without making them feel like it?
If I really like a girl, I'm planning to say something like "to be honest, I'm dating different girls right now just to get to know them. I truly like you, and I think you're an amazing person.. I hope to keep in touch with you at least be friends. If in the future, we're both single and in the same place, I'd definitely consider you for more.. I hope you understand me".
Honestly, the options I've had in the past 2 weeks are really impressive - they're attractive, educated, fun loving and very personable.. it's hard to meet people like that.


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