Is this a good way to talk to girls you approach?

Got told this recently. That the best way to approach girls is to beforehand make a list of all the things you look for in a girl and then as you chat them up subtly bring them up and question whether or not she checks out with your list without making it too obvious. Forexample if you have a masters degree /phd you can slip in the fact that you are attracted to highly educated women.

This is because when you approach the girl she has all the power. She's the one that gets to sit there and decide whether you are good enough for her. But by doing this, you basically turn the ties, and now you're the one sizing her up and questioning whether she meets your standards and have her fight for your approval.



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  • I see a flaw in this strategy: you're assuming that the girl will actually talk to you and carry on a conversation instead of blowing you off. Otherwise, it seems like an alright strategy.