He rejected me and I don't know what to do?

I was depressed when I met him, I grew up very sheltered and controlled when I met him I had no self controle and almost slept with him. I dont know how to enjoy life and I was still living at home and eventually I became very depressed and annoyed, he would constantly text me and I felt attacked, I cursed him out he did the same tho, I pushed him away he felt rejected and friendzoned me and called me horrible person now he never wants to see me not talk to me, I feel so hurt because I still wanted to see him. He rejected me and ignores me. Am I in the wrong? he thinks im sum bitchy girl who does nothin but parties all day.


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  • Hey it's his loss


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  • Who cares what he thinks? You know what's true. If you really have done something bad towards him then deeply apologize, it's never too late for that. If you really want him then put up a fight but make sure you will be able to give him what he deserves, meaning that you should not make the same mistake again. At least you can live happy with the fact that you did everything in your power and if he doesn't want to forgive you then screw him! Depression does this sometimes, I can relate.

    • I tried it, he doesn't want to, he said I ruined my chances and I should go dissappoint someone else.

    • Either you accept it and move on or you fight for him. Not much else you can do. I'd put up a fight.

    • well... he hurt me too, he said some pretty insensitive stuff, it s a two way street, I feel like if I fight for him, I do t even want him anymore