Do you guys believe the scientific study that people of equal attractiveness pair up with each other or not?


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  • No, not really. Because before recently it was common to see beautiful women with not attractive men. Or beautiful men with not attractive women, I mean butterfaces is a term for a reason.

    • But to some degree. The percentage of seeing those mismatched couples is low... You do see couples who both often look a like; like siblings at times.

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    • No not people who like siblings. I am saying that sometimes you see couples who look like siblings, even if they are not. I think that is proof that people do date in their range of attractiveness. Other times, yes they date butterfaces (but it is rare)

    • Auto correct, did that I meant looked like. But I never see people who look equal in looks but that may just be my perspective.

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  • I think a lot of people pair up on their level, physically and mentally

    • Makes sense. People with similar mentality, beliefs, values, personality traits, etc

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  • I thought this was obvious? Who you choose to date is always reflection of yourself and how you feel about yourself

    • Mhmmm I don't know because I get told that I am beautiful but i feel ugly at times and insecure. My first and only boyfriend I thought he was cute. And people say he looks like a model and is good looking. So how would it be possible for me to date someone that reflect what i feel about myself

    • You just said you feel ugly "at times" which means it's not a regular feeling and there are more times you feel good about yourself.

    • Yeah. It is just my inner voice that makes me doubt myself. Even though i get complimented mostly

  • Now that I think about it it's kinda true lol the guys that I actually would date are good looking but not like a lot. For example im sure that not all friends would see them as cute as i see them. What do you think?

    • I think in a sense they do. Like my first boyfriend and I, we dated. We were both from different races but both of us were considered a beautiful and attractive couple. Even though I do have self esteem issues. BUt there is also that small percentage that date people who are not of equal attractiveness

    • So do you think you were as good looking as your 1st boyfriend? Because that's what I'm thinking about the guys that I would date but I don't know if I'm as Good looking as they are. I don't know of it's because of self esteem issues too so I can't tell on my own. I have had other girls say that I am cute but I just don't see it?

    • I guess. I wouldn't know. BUt judging on all the comments people made on us both. We were beautiful hahha but i think i need to work on my self esteem issues