Should I walk away?

Was with a guy for 6 moths, things were amazing we were so happy. Some stuff happened regarding both of us, I pushed him away and he got angry.. No one is to blame it's how we coped with this issue, 3 months on and we still talk... I get drunk texts, he's told me he'd fallen for me and he's not a person who's go and just say that, we met up last night and we both feel sooo much and I've been open and vunreble and said I loved him to... But he's so distant with me, hard to get him to see me and stuff, as he says it's hard. I want to be with him and I've said this, but he says its so hard and not that's easy... What should I do? Walk away? Or give him space? I'm in love and don't want to give up... What should I do for him to realise this as well.. As I can tell he still does have feelings for me

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  • Leave him. Let him come to you if he becomes brave and ready.

    HOWEVER don't put your love life on hold for this dude.

    There's plenty of men out there who won't act like a little bitch like he is.

    Quit waiting for this frog and find your prince babe