Why do guys ignore girls?

Okay, here is the story. I like this guy really really much. He is my age and we go to the same school. I told my best friend who is friends with him that I liked him. Weeks later, I decided to try and I aked my friend to tell him how I felt. My friend did. He was like "Oh, well she is okay" I was fine with that because the guy barely knew me. The last day before winter break the guy texted me for first time. I was so happy and all. He texted " We should talk sometime". I was really exicted because I assumed that we'll get to know each other over the break. He didn't text me anymore. I texted him on Chritmas day and we had the lamest conversation on the whole entire world. Then, when we came back from break he has being avoiding me. Today, he told my friend that he "gotta ignore me". I just have one question on my mind: WHY? I really don't understant and I want to because I really like him and I want this to work.


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  • Sorry to bust your bubble but it doesn't work like that. If he doesn't like you back then there's nothing you can do.

    Is great that you took the step and messaged him at some point, that's great. But things don't work on what you want, nor just because you like him. It doesn't function that way, and sometimes you have to accept not being reciprocated and move on.

    • Thanks! The guy already told me that he likes some else so, I'm trying to move on...

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  • Maybe he feels awkward because you had a weird conversation. Have you thought of initiating another conversation with him?