Guys, what do you think this means?

I'm a 20 year old girl and I recently reconnected with a guy I knew my freshman year of HS about 7 months ago and we've talked almost everyday since then. He knows that I want to date him and he told me "we'll see when I get home." (He's in the military stationed in Japan), but about 2 weeks ago he said there were "complications" on his end. And this morning this was our conversation:

HIM: Ahh, you know how to spoil me =)

ME: I could if you'd freaking let me!

HIM: ...

ME: What was that for?

HIM: A lot of reasons.

ME: Am I not allowed to know those reasons?

HIM: Sorry darling, as of right now, no.

ME: I hope it's not something I did.

HIM: Nothing you did. Just dealing with the same shit I've been.

ME: I'll leave it alone then. You'll tell me when you're ready 😊

Then we just changed the subject and resumed our convo like nothing ever happened.

GUYS, do you think he just doesn't wanna say he's not interested? Or maybe he's just not ready for a relationship right now?

We still flirt with each other all the time, and FaceTime, so I'm a little confused.


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  • He obviously has other personal issues that will conflict with seeing you.

    • At first I thought it was because he's in Japan until mid 2017 but he said that wasn't the issue

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  • No, it has nothing to do with him not being interested in you, or dating, he has some other issues in his life and that is important to him.

    • And that's why I told him I'm fine with him telling me when he's ready. 😊