Girls, Why I find it hard for women to like me? What do you think is missing?

Okay, I'm good looking (if one of you wants to see I could send a picture or something)
but what I mean with this question is this, I'm funny, my confidence is alright, cause I dont like risking too much going straight forward saying (i like you) i just talk to girls, flirt, mess around and talking I can say if they are into me or not, but I talk to a lot of girls and they seem not interested in me.

What do you think is missing?
Conversations are normal, just asking, laughing and all that but I feel as if I'm the one carrying it all the time.


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  • do you talk to a lot of girls at the same time? maybe the girls are catching on to you and they might think of you as a 'fuckboy' if you know what that means? i can explain if you don't know.

    • I know what it is, and no...
      A fuckboy usually hit on girls so obvious that you can tell when he is a fuckboy, I don't do it so obvious, I flirt with girls and girls usually find it interesting when a guy flirt with more women or when he is famous with women.. but when he is straight forward just hitting on women or they hear gossips about him hitting or fucking more women at the same time, thats the turn off...

      i hope you understood my point lol

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