? Should I try to maintain a relationship?

There is this girl that I've liked since freshman year (we're both juniors now) and just this winter break we started hanging out. During our break we saw a movie together and it was basically a first date. Everything went great, afterwards she told me that she would like to go out but wants to take it slow. I had absolutely no problem with this. We hung out everyday during break and had a lot of fun together. A week later she just stopped texting me so I did the same, I just figured she was busy with work and didn't want to bother her. We didn't talk all weekend and the next time I saw her at school I asked if everything was okay between us and she went on to say how she doesn't feel like she should be in a relationship because she can't put enought time into it and she just wants to be single. This is okay, I respect her descison and how honest she was but I really like her and really would like to make it work. I asked her if she sees a possiblilty of us working and she said it could happen but I don't really know if thats just a nice way of saying no. Here are my questions for you guys/girls. Do you think we'll get together later? Also, should I try to keep in contact/maintain our friendship in case she changes her mind? All responces are greatly appreciated!


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