Iv been dating my boyfriend for 5 years?

FIVE years, and no proposal. We talk about marriage and kids. We are on the same page as wanting to get married and have our careers going, but no ring. Sometime i want to cut off contact and sex so he could be appreciative of my absense a bit more, and want to pursue me. Is that osmething I should do? Cut of sex for a bit or every now and then. I guess what I am refering to is "Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free."

Guy wants sex, girl says no= Dumb, stupid, a pissed boyfriend.
Girl wants ring/comittment, guy says "No, why?, not ready= Well WTF.


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  • Are you actually 21?

    • yes i am, and my friend who is 19 just got engaged. Age is nothing but a number.

    • It's not. I got engaged at 21 myself, but there's no question that people get married faster later because they are working against the fertility clock. You guys have a lot of time. Doesn't mean you agree with his schedule though.

      I'd ask his thoughts, you've been dating 5 years if you can't talk, that is an issue. He might be thinking you'll get married and then have kids at 30.

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  • I understand 5 years is a lot, but then again you got together when you were teens, it still doesn't change that you're 21, and its okay not to be engaged at 21. I don't think think sex/contact should depend on whether not he proposes... thats cruel. IF that was the case you shouldn't have had sex to begin with, I've always said the worst thing you can do is deprive your lover of sex out of anger. Have you thought maybe he can't afford the ring he wants to get you? He wants to be financially stable before you go off and start planning a wedding, rings and weddings cost so much.

    • If you're on the same page as you say you'll be able to kinda know when he's going to. It's okay to be impatient but perhaps mention it to him, ask him when he wants to get engaged etc.

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  • That's a long time

  • Cutting off sex is dumb. Telling you want a proposal, a ring, a marriage, and a honeymoon - smart. Just say it outright.

  • Your last quote is absolutely right... Does he loves you or does he loves the sex? You guys live together.

    • 21yrs old both of us, met his family he has met mine. We do not live together. Both in college. Calls me his future wife, has bought me a ring the 2nd yr of dating. I just dont know if I should keep waiting or not. Its annoying. He keeps braggin about how much he spoils me and so on, but I tell him he can use the money towards school. I dont ask for things ( its a nice gesture though) and he asks what more do i want, i want a ring i dont want you to waste my time. I want to know what you want in life.

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    • Yeah. I mean im not saying propose nowwww or next year. I want to know that at least that is what his intentions towards me are. He wants me to move in with him, I said no i won't move in with any guy until im married. I think ill cut him off, why give him what he wants, when i am not getting what i want.

    • Be careful about don't want to damage drastically what you have. Having a constructive conversation could be quite helpful.

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