Guys, Is he interested or just being nice?

How can you tell when a guy is interested in you? Does he make effort, or does he not? Will he start conversations just to be nice or is he showing interest? Will he help you in the gym just to be nice or is he showing interest? Do guys not waste their time getting to know you if they aren't interested in some way?


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  • If a man is interested in you, he'd flirt. Light nudges, starting the conversations, giving you compliments without you asking for them, offer to open doors, buy you food, etc. If he isn't interested, he may just talk to you but he won't be as nice, nor will he be mean, he would be indifferent, or how you'd act around a friend, but since that varies between friends and people for goodness sakes, it would be hard to tell if he's being like a friend. Keep a close eye on how he acts around you, if you like him, flirt with him. Guys love when girls flirt with them, mainly if its the girl they like. Don't assume too quick though, for that could make you come off as clingy, or needy. If he is nice, thats good, but if he is always there, sending good morning and goodnight texts, and always trying talk to you, he most likely likes you. I hope this helps! Good luck!

    • thank you I appreciate that!

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