What does she mean when she says let's make it official?

So, Im 16 and have never had a girlfriend before but this past year I really started to like this girl. We became pretty good friends over the course of a few months and earlier this year about 3 months into the school year I asked her out and she said no because she didn't wanna ruin our friendship. After that we didn't talk for a few days but eventually began talking again as we had before and became really good friends again even better than before. A few weeks ago the night before we left school for Christmas break she pulled me aside and said that she realized that she actually did like me too and asked if i still felt the same, which I did, but when I said so she said ok and I asked her what do we do now. She said she wanted to wait a few days and decide whether or not we should try the whole dating thing. So we left for break (we don't live close to one another cause we go to a boarding high-school) and we continued to text a lot over a few days but a lot more than we had before, majority of the time lasting for hours at a time. She eventually decided that she would like to try dating and I agreed and she said she would like to make it official when we got back to school, but i don't even know what that means. We got back to school and its been 3 days and nothing has happened so I don't know what to do or if she wants me to do something or even where we stand. She doesn't seem to be losing interest or anything but can anyone help me figure this out a bit and give some advice? Thanks


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  • I think she is waiting for you to ask her out! So she can be your girlfriend :)


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