Are we ever gonna be more the friends?

Me and my best guy friend have found out that we like one another more then friends but he's says that he needs to sort through things before anything happens or we become a couple, I know he cares a lot about me and I know I care about him a lot, it just confusing me, does he really see me in his future?

He always talks about wanting to kiss me, we talk on the phone almost every night and talks about us being in a relationship but keeps saying we're not in one but says he wants to just not yet..


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  • I guess i'm kinda in a similar situation myself but I think they do and my best recommendation is too just keep being his friend and be yourself, i think letting them know that feelings being involved doesn't have to mean fights and the potential for heart break themselves. He's obviously attracted to who you are as his friend so keep it that way and i'm sure when he's ready you guys will have an awesome relationship with each others best friends! :D

    • Thank you this helps a lot :)!