Which guy should I go for?

So two of my guy friends have told me they have a thing for me but Im really confused on who I should go for. Guy #1 we talk everyday about very serious topics to very non serious ones we haven't met up yet but It is bound to happen but he did mention that he has bipolar disorder (which not a big deal) but that he wants to end his life before he reaches 30, wants no kids, no wife, him being 21 now thats not a lot of time. And with me I want to be a wife I want to be a mother, and live my life as long as possible.

Now guy #2 I have been talking longer with this guy we used to have good convos but then he stopped talking me for a while and we picked things up where they started he said he kinda liked me and wanted to hang out well that time we hanged out we ended up hooking up he only came over for 2 hours and wants to hang out again to hook up again and wants me to decide if I want to be together with him or not. I dont know how to feel about it cause whenever I try to talk to him it takes him hours to reply or just replies with short responses. Or we dont talk for a couple days and eithier one of us sends a text trying to make a convo happen then again I dont know what his plan in life is if he wants kids wants to be married etc etc.


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  • By "go for" it seems you mean "should make your life partner". The answer to this question is almost always "neither one". The first one has way too many problems to be a good partner. The second "kinda likes you". Not good enough. Wait for an emotionally healthy guy who is crazy about you.

  • How about neither. One sounds like a mess. 2 could be alright but odds are it won't last very long. Why not wait for someone e you are sure about.


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