There's a girl and a lot of back story, how should I proceed?

About 5 months ago I went to the club with some friends. At the club we were just hanging out and my group of friends ran into another group of friends and we all just hung out. After a while everyone cleared out leaving me and one other girl there just the two of us. So we start dancing and getting real close and eventually started making out. I had only met her one other time prior at a house party... that my girlfriend was at. Yes I had a girlfriend and I was definitely in the wrong. I never meant for this to happen. Part of the reason this happened though because me and my girlfriend were fighting a lot during the time. If you continue reading as to why we broke up you may understand. Also right after making out with this other girl I had told my girlfriend right away. Better to be honest for she had the right to know. She forgave me and we continued dating.

Fast forward to now, I dumped my girlfriend four months ago and have continued talking to this girl at the club over text. I have also told her as soon as I could the reason I never pursued anything was because I had a girlfriend. We got drinks tn and hung out in a group of friends. I know she likes me and she keeps getting really close to me but she tells me she doesn't want a boyfriend. I don't know what to do as I do like her but I am also not ready to commit to another relationship.

Yes, this does make me sound horrible as I'm aware I did cheat on the other girl. I did my best after it happened to be honest with everyone involved. And the reason me and her broke up was because she kept telling me how her family and friends wanted her to break up with me. It was heartbreaking to here within a year that was all they could say.

So random people, please help me. What should I do about this new girl. Been a crazy couple months.

And for those with zero tolerence for cheating please be easy on me, I still feel guilty about it.


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  • Rule number one: if you are going to cheat, keep it to yourself. Secondly, just have fun with this girl; have safe sex with her and hang out with her. You don't need to label the relationship you have with her.

    • I still stand by telling her, it was the right thing to do morally. And I don't know I've never really been a one night stand kind of guy. Not wanting to get into another relationship yet and having needs is strange for me. Guess just something I'll have to wrap my head around.

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    • You hang out; you start flirting, then start making out and then boom sex.

    • as borat would say the boom boom?