How to make a guy confess his feelings?

I have feelings for this guy who is 8 years elder to me ! I am 20.. we go for movies drinks dates, he listens to pretty much everything I tell him, he opens up to me... he says my the only person who sees through him! I do know he likes me too, but suddenly after a perfect evenin he says how he likes to stay numb n unemotional... how do I make him confess about how he truly feels?


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  • Why do you think you can make him do anything? Perhaps you should be asking: How do I encourage or persuade him to express his feelings?

    Have you talked to him about why he wants to stay detached? Have you pointed out to him that he is not detached and his feelings are apparent to you? Make him feel safe and secure and he is more likely to open up. Almost always, this behavior signals a very messy break up in the past.


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  • I don't think you can make someone say or do something they don't want to... You can show him that you like him, perhaps by telling him how you feel, but other than that, someone who is emotionally unavailable will probably only end up hurting or disappointing you.


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