Should I leave him?

OK. Me and this guy were really good friends and I guess he found out that I liked him and so he asked me out we've been going out for a while and my cousin talks to his brother and I guess she was tiling her well my cousin was talking to his brother and i guess he was tiling my cousin that his ex-girlfriend wanted to get back with him and he was like no cause I'm with someone and you should know that I'm not like that and I guess he kissed her. Yea and his brother was like what are you doing you you have a girlfriend. And he told me and he was just like please don't break up with me so i just told him I wanted a break. But should i break up with him or what?


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  • Well if he really cared about you then he wouldn't of kissed another girl! But I guess it all depends on if you trust him enough that he won't do it again and he will be faithful to you.

    • Yea it depends to ...