Buried alive or crushed to death?

If you lived in an apartment building and you could have the option to have a regular bed or and earthquake bed as in the video, what would you choose?

You may end up trapped in that earthquake bed until you die.

  • Get the earthquake bed but risk that becomming your tomb when you run out of food and water
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  • Have the regular bed and take my chances
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  • other
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  • I would rather have a quick death from impact than a slow death from lack of oxygen/food/water


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  • That's just plain paranoid. I'll take my chance. I'm not going to go through life worrying about earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, lightning, and all the other million things that can kill us. I'm far more concerned about people texting and driving than all the natural disasters combined.


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  • Buried alive

  • I'd go with a regular bed.

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