Syrian girl dating a Swedish guy?

Hej everyone... I have been in Sweden for few weeks, I'm a Syrian girl but no considered fully arab! I'm more of a caucasian, I have Italian/Greek features (I think this has to do with the immigration history of Syria since most Syrians are from a European ancestry), I'm light skinned almost pale, I have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, Unfortunately I'm called cute rather than hot! Since I have a baby face and childish personality (I'm 18 by the way), but the thing is I'm muslim as well and a hijabi, I was wondering if I can be able to date a Swedish guy or at least be best friends (I'm super duper shy and not that social hehe ^_^).
Thank you for your answers in advance :)


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  • I think there surely are guys willing to date you. I see two issues though.

    1. Guys will probably avoid approaching you, because they don't see a chance of dating you.

    2. Is a potential difference of religion an issue for you?

    • For the first issue I met that one Swedish guy, we were talking and getting to know each other and he seemed interested in knowing me more and kept asking me questions, I liked him, he was so nice, adorable and funny.
      Now for the second issue, Unfortunately in my religion a muslim woman can't marry a non-muslim so that would be a problemπŸ˜” But maybe if we loved each other so much and nothing could stop us he would be willing to convert so we can get married and live happily ever after haha, I know it's gonna be hard, but I guess true love is stronger than any obstacle.

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    • Thank you soo so much I don't know how to thank you more, and I mean it, you took your time to give me a solution for my problem and I absolutely appreciate that, I think I will go with the first way you mentioned cuz that way it will be fair enough, I don't wanna trick him and then break his heart and tell him that I can't stay with him cuz that won't make me feel good at all, I will make it clear from the very beginning and then he is the one to decide and I will respect his decision, all I can do is hope he will accept me and understand my circumstances. Thank you again, have a nice day! ❀️

    • You are welcome. Even though personally I would have gone for the second option.

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  • If you're a Muslim then technically you're not supposed to be dating someone who isn't a Muslim, let alone dating at all, but being friends with a Swedish guy wouldn't and shouldn't be frowned upon at all. That being said I'm not a Muslim so I cannot and will not tell you how to follow your religion, I personally believe that everybody should be able to date or befriend whomever they please.

    It doesn't matter how European you look. It's 2016, many guys out there are happy to date a girl who's of a different ethnicity. To put things in perspective I've dated a Pakistani Muslim girl in the past, and one of my elementary school teachers was a Pakistani Muslim who married a white non-Muslim man.

    It's all a matter of what your personal creed is, and how open minded you are. The only main issue I can see is what you'd be willing to do in terms of "dating", in European culture people tend to be more casual about things such as hugging/kissing/sex/etc, and I don't know if you're comfortable with that.

    • Yeah I'm a little uncomfortable with the hugging/kissing and ofc sex! But maybe the person who will love me will understand, and I'm kind of surprised how did the muslim woman marry a non-muslim! Since in our religion a muslim woman can't marry but a muslim man! After all it's her choice and how she wanna practice religion.😊

    • The right guy will understand. As for my teacher I'm not sure of the exact specifics of how it came to be, but there are a lot of Muslims who aren't observant of their faith, but identify with the more cultural aspects (i. e. celebrating Eid). For example I have friends who come from Muslim backgrounds, but they still do things like drink, have sex, date, etc, but they do still fast on Ramadan (abstaining from drinking and sex during this time) and don't eat pork. I even know a couple of people who renounced their faith altogether.

      You seem like a very open minded person

    • Thank you so much
      And yeah I consider myself to be really open minded, all I really want is love and peace all over the world and it's a really hard goal if we didn't do our best as individuals to change the world into a better place that has no discrimination or hate. Have a nice day sir ❀️

  • Well if you had to date ANYONE from Europe, a Swede is the way to go. They're the most tolerant (some actually say they're too tolerant) towards different lifestyles and Muslims/Arabs.
    However, I wouldn't know the "rules" that your religion allows on dating those outside of Islam. I guess it depends on how progressive you are.

    • Unfortunately the only problem is that I can't marry a non-muslim πŸ˜” But maybe we will manage somehow. Hopefully everything will go good hehe😊

  • Isn't it haram to be friends with (or even worse: dating) infidels?

    • I don't think it's haram to be friends but with Restrictions! Plus we are in the 21th century, we are open minded 😊, and who knows maybe love is stronger than any restriction and we can manage somehow to be together :)

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    • As I said, majority of ideology is irrelevant; the only thing that's relevant is to know how it treats those that aren't related to it. That's important.

      Main goal of islam is to "struggle to subjugate world to sharia law". Under sharia law infidels are treated as 2nd rate humans, but are allowed to live if they pay special tax. In all other cases they must either convert or die.
      So jihad is a must for every muslim. However, terrorism is only one of the ways one can wage jihad.

      So even assuming you don't bomb anyone, you wage demographics jihad at least: you moved to another country and keep your ideology (islam) that drove your native land (Syria) into a shithole it is now. And you're spreading it in now in Sweden.
      On top of that, I'm pretty sure you leave some cash in mosques; some of that money goes to those that use terrorism for jihad.

      In any case, have fun destroying Sweden.

    • Oh well, say whatever you wanna say, I'm a normal person and I'm living my life just like any Swede here and we live in harmony, and don't worry I'm not gonna destroy Sweden, in fact I love Sweden so much and I don't mind doing anything to make people happy. People here respect and love me cuz of the way I treat them I even have Swedish friends who are absolutely adorable and I'm not going to push my religion into anyone I only worship God in my own cocoon, and as I said before I'm not into fighting and jihad is something I just hate! Those who do the jihad sh*t are only idiots and I'm not one of them. plus I assume that you're not even a Swede so you don't know how things are going on here.

  • How should we know? Ask the swedish guy. But ask you family first so they don't kill him if they find out.

    • Kill him? No, don't worry my parents are open minded and not serial killers haha.

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    • Yeah I guess you're right. Welcome to Sweden I should say. Hope you'll manage to survive here.

    • Thank you so much! 😊❀️

  • of course you can, I don't see why you shouldn't :)

    • Thank you for your answer 😊
      People like you give me more hope

    • you're welcome :)

  • If he doesn't view us as terrorists then everything is possible. (Besides I disagree with muslim women dating non muslim men πŸ˜› but it's your life do what you think is right 😊)

    • I think the terrorism part is way too old haha, as I said there is the good and the bad, religion has nothing to do with dark actions cuz then we are practicing it in a wrong way, and I'm open minded and I respect and love people, it's all about how you treat them cuz that's how they will choose to either hate you or love you.

    • Of course we should treat people with respect those are basics πŸ˜‚ I was just clarifying something 😊

    • Haha ok then πŸ˜‹

  • I don't think you're real but if you are give it time see what happens

    • I'm real, I just don't understand the problem with what I said? 😁

  • If you're raised Muslim you MUST know that that be an offense to your religion.

    • I'm sorry can you be more specific and tell me where is the offensive part?

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    • Girls have been killed over this issue. Be careful.

    • Yeah girls in strict societies and countries like KSA, my parents aren't like that and they will understand cuz they know that I'm an adult and I know what I'm doing. so don't worry sir and thank you for your concern!

  • Would it help if there was no such person as Allah? ;)

    • Haha, I don't know about that.πŸ˜‹
      To be honest I was born a muslim cuz of my parents but as I grew older at some point I wanted to leave Islam but then I searched for more information and learned more about my religion and other religions ( I learned a lot about Christianity and Judaism) and then I found that Islam is the right thing for me, ofc after tons of researchs and knowledge. I just hope that guy who will love will understand my circumstances. 😊

    • Put it like this. I wouldn't change religions for love. I'm unable to believe in the supernatural, because there's no evidence any of it is true (I have read the holy books too, and I'm unconvinced). So, I couldn't convert, because that would be lying to myself, my bride, and if there really was a God after all, to him too.

      Fortunately, in my country, there are a lot of non-believers like me, so I'm not alone :)

      That can be a tricky issue, the marriage issue, and it more or less restricts you to Muslim males if you require a fellow Muslim.

    • Yeah I know and I respect everything you said ❀️ But after all it's my choice and decision to believe what I think is right for me, and all I can do is hope that the love of my life will understand. Thank you for answering 😊 have a great day/night ❀️

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  • There are plenty of Swedes dating people from the middle east. Even the most arab looking people, so how "european" you look don't actually really matter. Trust me Im Swedish so I know.
    You do have to work on your confidence though, because in my opinion, confidence is key.

    • Thank you so much for your answer 😊
      I will try and work on my confidence
      Much love ❀️

  • Sure, why not? Being white or looking white is not going to make you more attractive to them though. You shouldn't see yourself as better for that reason either. If they have an open mind, they will like you for who you are and your race, religion or skin color should have nothing to do with it. Unfortunately, given the media, most are worried about befriending Muslims because of stereotypes and news.

    Also if someone does, the last thing you should do is try and convert him. That is not fair. If you can love him when he's not Muslim, you should be consistent with it and not put that pressure on him. In any case, you cannot make someone Muslim. They will have to want it themselves, with or without you. Converting to marry you is not seen as Muslim in Islam. Same in Judaism though people try all the time.

    • Thank you for this great answer, and as I said many times before I will never ever push my religion or oblige someone to convert cuz I have no right on doing that, it's up to him not me, he is the one who will decide and I'm going to accept and respect everything he says, and for the European part, I'm ofc proud of who I am and being caucasian from an Italian/Greek ancestry is who I am, so why I can't make that clear cuz many people think that anyone from an arabian country is actually arab! I wasn't referring to anything but describing who I truly am, hope you got the point, have a great day❀️

    • The point comes across as a white supremacy clause and you never want to put that across

  • Wish you all the luck with this guy, but I don't think your allow to be with other race seeing how your a muslim girl. If am wrong sorry. Being with someone who's different from you would open new doors to how you think and love, truly love. But remember love come easy but preserving love takes effort and time.

    • Thank you so much for your answer! ❀️
      As long as you love a person so much nothing will stop you I guess, hehe

  • I think you should stop categorizing yourself as 'Muslim' or 'hijab' girl, because you are just fulfilling the stereotypes that others have about Mudlim women.

    Why don't you just yourself ' a girl' ?

    You are human.

    You can date and do whatever you want. Be self-co fide t!

    • Self-confidence*

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    • I am sure you will eventually overcome what you feel. It's not that hard to integrate in Swedish society, even with your veil.

    • Thank you, actually Swedish people are so nice and all I met is really kind and beautiful people.

  • you can't decribe your hair since you are covering it with a hijab lol
    and as a Muslim no you cannot date him
    is HE even muslim?

    • Dating could be the first step πŸ˜ƒ And I've only described the color of my hair which you can clearly say it's the same color as my eyebrows, so I think that makes more sense 😊

    • honey the frist step for us is him talking to your dad and then you get engaged, we dont do dating ;)
      try not to let yourelf get pulled down that road, trust me its bad and GAGis great proof lol do things the right way please <3 its for you and him not for anyone else

      lol i meant generally you can't describe shape or length or colour... etc lol w Allah a3lam

    • Thank you so much for showing that you care, I appreciate that ❀️ , but you can't just get engaged without knowing each other more, and by dating I don't mean kissing and you know the rest haha, all I mean by dating is talking more to each other, getting to know each other, then we may go for the second step which is engagement. Anyways thank you again and don't worry I'm not following the wrong road haha.😊