Why won't she kiss me again?

We kissed on our third date, and we just had our fifth date tonight and when I went to kiss her goodbye (As I had tried earlier in the night), she said "Not tonight, next time maybe". I dont understand why she said that, or why she doesn't want to kiss again.


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  • I would say maybe she doesn't like you but if she has gone out with you 5 times she probably does.
    So maybe she thinks you're a bad kisser? Sometimes it's just bad and awkward and unenjoyable when a guy is a horrible kisser lol

    Or, she knew her breath was bad so she didn't kiss you

    • Or, she's insecure about her kissing abilities

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    • I thought I had after the first time, she sure told me she enjoyed it though. I'll mention it the next time we are out.

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  • Sorry to hear that buddy. Its definitely not a good sign. Once you've had your first kiss, it should be fine to keep kissing after. If she rejects you, then the most likely reason is the first kiss was bad. A kiss means a lot for a woman and if it wasn't good then she probably doesn't want to see you anymore. But im confused since she is still dating you. Is the connection between the two of you good? Is she comfortable around you? Was the first kiss good?

    • We have a lot in common, similar interests and all that. I thought we were - I mean it seems like it, she called tonight a "date", she was fine with cuddling very very closely all night (Just like the other night we kissed) so I've got no issues that she isn't comfortable around me or with me.

      Umm it kinda seemed like her first kiss because she didn't seem to know what to do.. so it wasn't amazing, she texted me afterwards and said she really enjoyed it - not like that means all too much.

    • Ok maybe its not as bad as I thought. She probably is just inexperienced and maybe wants to take it slow since kissing can lead on to something more and she isn't ready for that. Its probably just her own insecurities and nothing to do with you. Maybe you could just talk to her about where the relationship is going and find out whats on her mind.

    • Yeah I like that'd be best, I was actually going to do that tonight after we had kissed, but when it didn't happen and in that way I didn't think it would be worth it.

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  • Its not that she doesn't like you I mean you been on five dates and she said next time.. yahoo. But ask honestly why she won't let you kiss her. Every girls is different in every ways and forms to personalities. Sometimes it just take time just ask her instead of jumping the gun here and making yourself lose hope. Be honest just ask. Good luck pal.

  • Maybe she doesn't like you!


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