Is he interested in me?

I've met a guy in a weeding In the next day I received a friend request from him on Facebook we were talking then he gave me his phone number, he always initiate the conversation and he told me how much he likes me so I think he was into me but he never called me we only texting for two months but one day he just disappeared I dnt know why? by the way his sister is my best friend and last week I went to her house then I found him there he said hi and smiled to me so the next day he started to text me again now the last time we've been talking is last Sunday so my question is I just want to know if he really likes me or not? And is it necessary to see me makes him texting me again? Besides we never hanging out? Should I ask him to go out? And should I always initiate the conversation? Thanks in advance ^_^


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  • He seems no that interested as much as you do

    • You think so? So I just move on?

    • If we texts we stayed up all night long

    • Texting someone for hours isn't a sign of love or mutual attraction unless you exchanged feelings of love while doing so. I could do that with my cousin, sister, girl friend... etc without involving my emotions.
      If you're really interested in him then you can ask him out

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  • He may have been attracted to you in the past, but he changed his mind.