Should I always initiate texting every day?

I've been on one date with this girl and we planned another for Sunday. Most of the time i would send her good morning texts and stuff like that to start the day. Should I stop? Because I sent her a text yesterday around afternoon and she has replied since. I definitely don't want to seem clingy. So what should I do? I really like this girl but I feel like I emmit a different kind of energy when I want to date a girl, versus when I just want to hook up with them. Usually they seem more receptive of the later.


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  • I will initiate the conversations the first 3x. But after that, I let her do it. Then I mix it up.

    This accomplishes a couple things,
    It shows I have initial intrest, it then when I stop the initiating, it let's me find out if she has intrest. Finally the mixing up shows that both are intrest levels are high, and keeps things spontaneous.


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  • Unless that is something that you guys were doing predate I think you should slow it down. Also give her the chance to initiate the conversation via text. She needs to show that she is into you as well.


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  • My policy is that after about two weeks of me initiating every conversation, I just stop. If she's interested, she'll have to contact me every once in a while.
    Then again, I never managed to get a girlfriend, so my advice probably isn't that great.