Do I do something wrong? I am more than average looking but no guys ask me out! I am afraid I am sending wrong message for guys "stay away from me"?


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  • Ever considered asking out? Sometimes body language of people might suck and end up giving unfriendly signal.

    • Once in blue moon! What kind of body language? I might do something wrong and I am not aware!

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    • Yes I think I have serious look but I can't control myself:-(

    • Don't worry you are not alone beautiful :-)
      I have body language problems too.
      The first step to solve any problem is to know the problem. You know the problem and you can counter ot with practice.
      Like try always being smiley.
      I am a guy and i know i can go crazy if a girl smiles at me lol

  • In this DAY AND AGE why do you expect men to ask you? It is incredible how women fought for equality and want to be seen as assertive but your mentality is submissive. Why DON'T YOU ASK?

    • We don't live in those times anymore where men are expected to approach. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT HERE ON GAG


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  • Gurl first of all just because ur more than average looking does not equal guys falling for u. No matter how much media worships outer appearance and highlight it so much it is not like that in real life. So stop thinking looks will get you guys cuz they are not all so superficial as to go for looks only and if they do go for looks only, chances are he is a player n you'd just regret it.

    So it might be cuz of ur personality. Maybe u have an anger issue or something along those lines that make u appear unattractive (not the unattractive in terms of apppearance). U can figure out what this bad part of ur personality is by asking Friends n family about the one thing they don't like the most about u. Trust me it will hurt having them point out ur flaws but if u don't know what these flaws are u can't fix em. Then once u know it try to think back about the times u display these bad habits of urs in front of guys n how they reacted. If the reaction was negative that's probably the thing making them stay away.

    Just think about it would u date a Zac Erfron or any celebrity crush of urs if there is some things bout their personality u just ABSOLUTELY can't stand? Putter appearance can only go so far honey.

    Hope all works out for ya babe 😊
    Remember we girls attract guys not solely on apperance

    Lastly if u have a cute quirk u think is embarrassing, trust me most guys would love it. It is the 21rst century cute girl quirks are adorable as it makes u authentic thus stand out from the crowd making u more noticible by others. Authentic you of a person nowadays is sort of a trend on its own with YouTube personalities like Tyler Oakley encouraging people to be them selves that being urself is more appreciated by others than ever b4
    So don't forget to be urself
    If u have to change for a guy in terms of the Good parts of ur personality (don't get me wrong) he is not worth it n u aren't necessarily gonna end up alone.
    Contrary to popular beliefs, most people find stone lasting realtionships later on in life :)