Why are black girls suddenly interested in dating white guys?

I see all these questions now on the internet from black girls asking if white guys are into them, how they can meet a white guy, etc, etc. Black girls traditionally have wanted nothing to do with white guys, so I'm wondering what's changed.

I really believe that this trend is motivated by the dating habits of black men, notably, their penchant for dating women of other races. I think this has been an irritant to black women to the extent that they're willing to contemplate doing the same, though traditionally they had no interest in non-black men.


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  • I've wondered this, too, like I thought that black girls always hated white guys. In black culture, white guys are considered lame, like they hate everything about you guys LOL. I don't know... I guess that you've got to go out with someone. With black girls so into dating other races, black girls probably don't have much choice other than to date guys of other races. Yeah, it's probably a fallback plan, but there's always some desperate guy who won't care.

    • you're probably right.

    • It's true, I think. Why else would black girls suddenly have so much interest in white guys? It's also an internet thing, like people talk about it on the web but pay no mind in real life. I don't think most black women care about white guys at all, they just want to know that guys are sweating over them.

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  • I thought interracial dating has been going on since like the 80s or something? Oh well I don't know. Anyways Im interested in some of every race. But some of these black girls make themselves look desperate acting as if getting a white guy is their top priority.

    • Yeah, black guys have been hitting on white girls, but that's been the extent of interracial dating interest up until now. I've grown up around black girls my whole life, and I haven't seen a single one ever flirt with, show interest in, or outright date a white guy, ever.

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    • Lol well Im from the southern part of Mississippi. Its common in this area. But Northern MS is still a tad bit icky

    • I grew up in Houston, and there's a million black people in the area and over two million whites. Interracial dating between black women and white men does not happen. If it was going to happen anywhere, it would be happening in a large city like Houston. Atlanta is the same.

      My hypothesis is that black women only really look to non-black men where there's a shortage of black men. That would makes sense, given the historical lack of interest.

  • People like what they like, everyone has a preference. Now it's more socially acceptable for interracial dating so that could be a part of it

    • It's still not really that acceptable because most black people don't socialize with white people.

    • And they say black people camt be racist

  • The media is trying to get black women to date outside their race, so now some are adamant about finding a white boy seeing as their not enough black men. Most black girls want black guys though.

    • I know, I went to school for years with black girls, and the only guys they ever wanted were black guys. They actually openly mocked white guys! My sense about this trend is that there is a shortage of black men, as you wrote, and lots of black women are realizing that they either date white guys (and others) or remain alone. It's a fallback plan.

    • basically. i think black women just need to either be single like many want b/c they can't and shouldn't be in relationships

  • Times have changed. I went to a high school with nothing but white people so I adapted to my environment and find a liking in white guys. But i was always rejected in high school, but now that im out... the same white guys have been asking me out ever since. Most white guys are unsure If black women are into them but believe it or not there are a large number of black women interested!

    • It's news to me. I went to a mixed high school, and there were plenty of black girls there. They all either ignored or openly mocked the white guys at our school. The college I'm at is almost entirely white and Latin, but the few black girls here mostly stay to themselves. It's like they're not even interested in talking to anyone else.

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    • our messages got a little mixed up my bad hah

    • I know, they are mixed a bit.

      I don't think it's wrong to date anyone, not at all. I'm attracted to lots of different women. My crush right now is a Filipino girl, so I'm open to other races. Biology trumps society.

  • Suddenly? where have you been there has always been black girls interested in white guys they just maybe weren't so open with it but it's nothing new, nothing is new under the sun.

    • No, it's definitely a new thing. I live in a city with a very large black population, and as I said, traditionally, black women wanted nothing to do with white guys. This leads me to believe that as long as there are enough black guys around--as in my city--black women could care less about white guys. But as soon as the dating prospects dry up, black women start looking for second and third options.

    • They just kept it under wraps that's why you think it's a new thing, where the black man was more upfront about wanting white women black women remained a little more discreet, that's why you'd never know.

    • The only thing I've ever heard black women say about white guys is that we don't measure up to their standards. I remember being in HS and hearing black girls in class say that our football team only lost so many games because we had white guys on the team.

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