Should I wait for him to get a divorce before dating him again?

A man that I was dating for I fell for and he fell for me. Withiin those 2 months of dating we have had a lot of fun together and are quite compatibile. However, he is seperated, has 2 young children & has recently told me he is going through a nasty divorce/custody battle that could take months (as per his lawyer) He told me he hates the fact that he started dating me and now this has happened. His ex is engaged to be married after being with her boyfriend of only 2 months. His ex is giving him a very hard time and has been trying to turn her children against him. Not working of course. He asked me that once this battle is over with & if I was still single if he asked me out if I would l say yes. I told him of course I would. I feel he is being respectful of me not wanting to drag me into his turmoil right now.(his words) I have realised that being away from him that my feelings run deep for him. I am just wondering what I should do. If I should hold off on seeing others for the time being as I am not in any rush to meet someone at this time.


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  • I feel it is Not fair to you to be put on a Complete Back burner here, dear. You Both could have "Laid low" during your time of being together, and No one would have had to Know. You are seeing his Ex doesn't care thst she is ready to walk down the aisle again so soon.
    Taljk to him again and try to compromise in this tender matter. See if you both can come to some sort of same page deal that doesn't have to be a raw deal. I can tell you from Experience with having family who are Right in the middle of a same scenario right now as I write this, it is a Long haul, could take a long time.
    If he agrees to your terms, work it out. If not, then go about your business, keep things light and semi sweet on your own End until you know what is best for you, and be everyone's Friend.
    If it is meant for you and him to be together, Mother Nature will Reap this Ripe and Right Romance.
    Good luck. xx