Why invite me out for NYE and then go radio silent on me?

I guy I've been on/off dating for 6 mths asked me out for NYE. Things have not been heavy, casual, I basically don't know how he feels about me. He started off keen then disappeared, reappearing. I asked what he was looking for and he said a cuddle monkey.
He often goes weeks without hearing from him and I decided that I would not chase him since I didn't feel he liked me a great deal.
I feel we have chemistry and enjoy his company.
It had been almost 2 mths since our last meeting when he asked if I was free NYE, the only reason I went was to see if anything new would develop and I could draw a line under things.
We had a good time and I spent the night.
I don't get why a guy would bother to see you take you out, spend his money, have you in his bed and then go complete radio silent on you afterwards. I did text him and thanked him for a good evening and he did reply I was welcome but now nothing, not even a hello how's it going.
Im reluctant to text him as I feel I'm chasing and don't want to chase if I'm just a option.
Any ideas?


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  • no idea.


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