Why do I have such trouble with girls?

I dont think of myself as a bad guy. I've been called cute, handsome, gorgeous, beautiful by girls I dated, yet Why do I have trouble dating girls? I will text them for like 2 weeks, then ask them out, and they will give an excuse (whether it is one, or not). Am I too available? I thought being engaged and showing them I am interested would give me the date, but so far, it has worked against me. Any tips? Should I start not caring and making it seem like I'm not interested at all or what? (half these girls Im talking about are from online dating sites). Help!


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  • You could be too available, too clingy, too needy, or too boring.

    Having a life of your own that keeps you busy not only gives you things to do and talk about, but also avoids sending the impression that you are sitting at home in your underpants waiting for them to text you.