Whens the right time to sleep with a guy your dating?

I have been dating this amazing guy for only 2 weeks. But it feels longer he is serious about me and I'm serious about him. He wants me to boyfriend his girlfriend and everything. The big question is when to be "fruitful" lol. Since steve harvey has developed the 90 day rule and after the bad experiences I have had I don't want to mess this up. I know it's early but well I have needs its been awhile (about a year) since I have... I have only ever don't it with one guy which was my last boyfriend.

I don't want to seem easy I feel that it won't ruin things but at the same time I worry that it might cause him to be put off. I did tell him that its been awhile since I have been "fruitful", he asked if we should the next time we meet and I said to him isn't it abit early he's like isit? I can wait.

I'm stuck between going with the protacall of things and if it feels right go for it.

What should I do should talk to him about this?

To be his girlfriend friend sorry auto correct


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  • Whenever you feel you are ready but be warned some guys will take sex as early as possible and then ditch the girl citing her as being not relationship material. So be careful with that. Some guys can be pussy trapped but most cannot.


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  • When ever your ready!

  • Awww this is so exciting :-)
    I always say 5 dates, which it actually turned out I stuck to that rule with my current boyfriend and I didn't even know it haha!

    Hope it all works out for you!