Do guys get annoyed by texts?

I'm dating a guy and I like him so much that I think about him a million times throughout the day. But I hold off on texting him because I don't want to seem annoying or clingy. How do guys feel about getting texts? I'm not talking about constant, nonstop. But is it nice to know someone is thinking about you?


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  • As far as a relationship goes, the main time that texting a girlfriend really gets on my nerves is when the girlfriend wants to argue through texts. If it is an argument, texting is not the way to go. Either a phone call or a face-to-face discussion is a much more proper way to settle the issue.

    But, if a girlfriend sends me an occasional flirty text that lets me know she is thinking about me, that's perfectly fine. It seems to me that you have a pretty decent strategy here. You are not smothering your guy, but you are not too evasive, either. I think you have this issue well in hand.

    • Thanks! What about casual conversation throughout the day? Seeing how his day is, telling him something that happened to me, sending a funny meme I saw. I understand if he's busy working he may not have time to chat or respond. I certainly don't get mad or anything like that. Would it bother you though?

    • Well, this is me personally... I can't specifically speak for your boyfriend. But a back and forth conversation by means of text messages irritates me. This applies even if the conversation is supposed to be fun and non-confrontational. However, occasional fun and relevant texts from a girlfriend are something I welcome.

      For me, if a girlfriend were to send me an occasional funny text, or a text that is a relevant update on her life, that would be fine. But texting is something I only like in small doses. Even if it is something like you suggested, I would want the text dialogue to stop after about 5 total texts between my girlfriend and myself. Personally, I would much rather save relevant and fun discussions with a girlfriend for in-person discussions. It is much more fun that way.

      The main thing is, just don't send lame, pointless or hostile texts. Keep them light and fun, or relevant, and occasional. That is how I would prefer it.

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