Did I do a right thing by making an ultimatum?

I've been with this guy for nearly 3 years. We went through a lot of crap and had a break from each other for 3 months. He came back saying he realised he wanted to be with me. So I said fine I'll give you a chance. atm I am staying with his sis and he is living with his mom. So the two ( mom and sis) are bringing me down the whole time and giving me abuse. I told my guy that I am planning on moving to my own place and I would love him to move in with me. He gave me excuses such as ( if I leave the house will be too big for the mom and dad, I can't afford it) . I said that I could help out financially for a while until he can get better at earning money. So after a massive row between me and his mom and sis ( his mom said that if he wanted to be with me then she will disown him and will commit suicide) and the sis called me a slut to put me off.
I made an ultimatum saying that I cannot do it anymore and that I will give him a chance to move in with me and sort the whole thing let and his mom won't be on his back the whole time. Or if he chooses to stay with mom I will be fine with it but I will never speak to him again. What do you guys think?


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  • No need for ultimatums... if he chooses his mom so be it. You can still talk to him

    • No I won't. Because I don't want to be interacting with a woman that has been racist towards me and attempts to cut off any contact between me and him. I'm tired of trying to please and get on with them

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  • Ultimatums never work out. Everyone ends up hurt

    • I know but he's been putting everything off. And i cannot hide with him behind everybody's backs forever.

    • Just get the place and let him make his own choices without pressure from you. If you want to have a happy and healthy relationship then you should never give an ultimatum. If he's being a shit then tell him why you think he is. If things aren't changing then do what you got to do but don't force him to pick sides