Why did he leave me to sleep on the couch?

I was staying over with my, for lack of better title, friends with benefits and while we were up till 4am talking and cuddling because we couldn't sleep I woke up in the morning and he was on the couch. I am sure I fell asleep before him because I was pretty tired by that time and I am assuming he just couldn't sleep and that's why he moved?
I just want to make sure that no one else thought it was anything else. Also he bought me a toothbrush?
This will be the fourth he has gotten me, we've been on and off for the past 6 months.


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  • You might have been kicking him in his sleep or something.


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  • Unless you didn't have a toothbrush before he's either saying
    a) your breath stinks
    b) something is wrong with your bjs
    c) something wrong with you, mouth related
    He may have went to the couch because it was hot

    • This is actually the fourth toothbrush he has gotten me. I had one there when we're just friends, like an extra. Then it got thrown out so he got me a new one when started hooking up and then that one also got thrown out and he got me like a nice vibrating on but then I left for 4 months so I just got back and he had a new one waiting for me.

    • Haha then it seems like he was being a good friend

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  • Im assuming he couldn't sleep or had a tough time sleeping. Sometimes it's hard to fall asleep with somebody else sleeping in the same bed. Maybe he is use to sleeping alone.

  • Most likely he couldn't sleep if you guys have a habit of sleeping in the same bed. Some friends with benefits aren't comfortable with that level of intimacy

  • You need to get out of friends with benefits. THEY DO NOT WORK


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