How can out relationship survive him going back to uni?

We started seeing each other at uni.
Started off as best friends & got closer.

Since it has been on break we have been seeing each other every week for the last 3 ish months & messaging/calling everyday. We live 2 hrs apart

I think we are exclusive now but not in a relationship.

He goes back to uni soon & im scared. I've graduated & will be 3 hrs away from where he will be at uni, having fun all the time. He's a flirty guy & I know what uni is like & it makes me feel a bit jealous. He is a bad communicator & not hearing from him will make me anxious.

I love him & want to see this thing through but I'm scared it won't work through the 8 months he has left


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  • It's important you talk to him about it before he leaves so you both know what's going on