I feel like giving up on trying to meet guys?

I'm pretty much winging it, if I feel it's right to approach a guy I will. And i don't jump into relationships. I'm 24 and I have only been in 2 relationships that were short

I don't do online dating

I meet guys in real life when I'm out in public

Sometimes I get their number sometimes I don't but when I get their number it never goes any further even if I ask them to hang out I never hear from them again


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  • i know them struggles, I've never been in a relationship or had anyone even like me so i gave up a long while ago, i just get used or find out they don't like me as much as i like them! ^.^

    • You look attractive

    • thnx, well there's a first time for everything :3

      i do get the you are very attractive your just not my type from everyone, or the you are perfect boyfriend material, just not for me, like the fuk people >.<

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