What does it mean for a guy to be awkward?

Apparently I am awkward. Dont know how that came to be, what do I do that makes me awkward?


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  • Kind of shy and socially inept, prone to kind of uncomfortable silences in conversations and stuff like that. I'm sorry, this is so unhelpful probably, but mainly what you need to do not to be awkward is not worry about coming off as awkward :/ . Because mainly it's self consciousness; if you feel comfortable and confident you probably won't come off as awkward. So doing things that will make you feel good about yourself and help you to relax around people will help.

    Also there's the trick with awkward moments: 'reference the awkwardness and it'll go away'. So if there's a pause and no-one really knows what to say, and you point out that it's a little awkward, then you'll have something to talk about again: awkward moments :')

    • Another thing though also is that some awkwardness is endearing to a lot of people; I definitely find it cute if a guy's a little bit awkward or nervous

  • Quite a lot of girls think awkward guys Are adorable


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