Guys, can we go back to dating and not just having sex? How?

We started off by first hooking up, then him asking me out on a date so we were dating/ hanging out. I was away at school so we'd just continue to hook up whenever we saw each other and never talked about what we were or our feelings. We both gave a lot of mixed signals and I think he felt I had rejected him and was upset a few months ago because when he tried to kiss me I didn't let him so he just left the bar. I also told him we should just be friends when I was angry because I didn't know what we were. He got pretty mad, we didn't hook up for two months and now we've been sleeping together again.. I like him and care about him. I really just want to spend time with him again. I don't know what he wants.. He told me he liked me when I told him I liked him. How do we go back to dating and not just having sex? What do I do?


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  • Try to talk a little more with him about him and his dreams and other thing so that u can know each other very well