Girls, would you date a guy who hates his mom?

My mom is the typical Indian mom. She sacrifices a lot to see me do good, but is really annoying. she always calls every day, and gets mad if i dont answer or come home late. i even have a curfew of 11 (go to bed and whip out my phone and headphones). When I live in dorms, she calls every day and asks me pointless questions. this is really hard when hanging out with friends or going out (and go out without her knowing). and she has me come home every weekend. and i was really sheltered in high school. and she was mean to me as a kid. She doesn't let me have a girlfriend or a decent social life. No frats either. I want her to die, because her strict demands got me kicked out of my frat. i also do not know how to flirt and still am a virgin.

but, she is good in some ways. she had my dad buy me ps3, xbox 360, wii, and even a new phone after i broke my old.

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and i have fantasized spitting or kicking her grave when dead


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  • I would not date a guy who hated his mum for THOSE reasons. Come on, yes she might be unfair to you, but is that enough reason to hate her and wish death to her? I think you're going too far with that.

  • Stop making excuses for yourself. This is not your moms fault, it's yours because you let her control you. You need to realize you're an adult now and don't have to do what she says.