From a girl's perspective, am I the weird one or is she?

I met a girl a while ago at the bookstore before I leave on vacation. She had a quiet and beautiful charm, so I took on an opportunity to interact with her. We shared a very pleasant 30 minutes together talking.
I asked her number but she refused, instead took down mine.

8 days after, she texted me to ask about my vacation, to my surprise, because I thought she'd long forgotten about this encounter. I replied, in the same manner than in the book store. She waited a day to reply, with a detailed message, so did I afterwards. But I didn't receive a reply back, I texted again with a spontanneous message 2 days later, again nothing.

I meet a lot of girls, good ones, bad ones, but all are respectful and never ignore msgs. I suppose the more I can't understand, the more I am intrigued, especially she was the one that actually initiated the contact.

I want to contact her again when I get back from my vacation, your thoughts? One reason I can think of is that she has someone in her life (in which case I will have zero interest in courting her, out of my respect for my peer), the other reason is that she seemed to have a lot of ego, maybe I sounded a little easy going over my text. Last, maybe she simply is not interest, but then I can't understand why would she contact me.

Thank you.


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  • Everyone is weird in some way. Don't worry about it.

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