Is he lying and making excuses?

My coworker likes me. He told me he liked me months ago but I wasn’t really feeling him and didn’t want to date someone at work. A couple of months go by we talk and hangout and I do start to have feelings for him. After a while I ask him where is this going cause before he told me (2 months ago) “I don’t know what I want from us” he said pretty much the same thing two months later. “ Your stubborn and were so different, m scared to fall in love with you, you remind me of someone that I use to date but at the time I was not ready.” I said you said this to me before and it sounds like EXCUSES. If you really want to be with someone you will fond a way you want be fearful no will you have excuses and IDKs”

He said “I’m really sorry you feel things are not moving fast enough, I am in no us for US but if you feel you can't wait and want to move on I respect that. I said you don’t even know what you want out of us. He said “Everyone has their own time frame you can't be mad at me for taking a little longer then you. Most guys would lie to you to get in your pants but I saw more then that with you. I feel like things were going great and its sad we have to go our separate ways after this I wish you well.” He asked me did I still want to hangout with him I said"I see no point;. I dont really want to hangout with someone I kissed. I'll pass"

I just felt it was a waste of time we were not progressing plus he HAD no idea if he wanted a relationship with me or not.


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  • He might be. He might not be. Ask him.


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