Should I feel some type of way or ignore it?

I'm just going to get into it, I'm not a jealous female, I don't feel a way about many things and It takes a lot to bother me.

My boyfriend and I were having a conversation after a holiday party. Mid conversation he complimented on one of my close friends about how she's so sexy, she's just a hot girl. I'm like oh yes! Everyone adores her, she's the best. Couple days go by and he's talking about her again and again.

I kind of addressed him saying, if the tables were turned and I was talking about your best friends like that, it wouldn't be a discussion. He was like, I know my friends are good looking but you're not supposed to be saying things like that... then he tried to reassure me that she's just a good looking girl and he doesn't see her the way he sees me and all this bullshit I wasn't trying to hear. The discussion was over, I'm just irritated like I honestly feel I need to just be aware now. I'm so in love with him and his actions always prove to me that he feels the exact same way but I feel a little insecure. I always felt that no man should ever make his girl feel like that

. So should I bring it up again saying how I felt in the moment or should I just let it go?


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  • If it's still bothers you let it out


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