Am I blowing things out of proportion?

Yesterday I called my boyfriend on my way to work and he was at work himself , and didn't answer. I said ok maybe he is busy. To get to my job I pass his, & he was just sitting in his work truck doing nothing!
(I no he saw me call& he just ignored it) .

later that night he comes over after not seeing me for two days and we shower together and lay dwn. N he sees me put my phone dwn n stays on his for a good 20mins while I just lay there. He didn't try to have sex, or talk. Nothing! Just playing the game on his phone!

I feel unwanted. I was there for him the whole week his dad was dying and passed on New Years. And in return I can't even get a simple phone convo? I don't know sometimes I feel more needy then him. Like I like to have sex 4or5 times a week & I like to talk & really connect. But it just seems dull. I don't want to complain to him cus I feel needy complaining. He doesn't do this often. He barely is on his phone wen we r together. But I don't know it just got to me this time!
im feeling like I should bring up seeing other people cus I just don't no y he would ignore my call unless he doesn't want to talk to me. And y he kind of paid me no attention.

I'm pissed ! And not sure what's my next move is !


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  • His father did passed away, so cut him some slack yeah?


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  • I think you should tell him this, tel him how you feel. He'll never know unless you communicate with him, he literally could be clueless as to your wants and needs at the moment and doesn't think it s huge deal, but to you it is!

    If you want to see other people thats a whole other conversation, it's like taking 5 steps back from being monogamous, but if you feel that it will make you happier do it. If you're not getting what you need out of your relationship there's no point in staying in it.


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  • Give the guy a break sheesh. His father passed away, and depending how close they were, it can be weeks or months till he recovers. And now you want to make the situation worse by breaking up with him. You're such a good girlfriend... smh... rather speak to him and tell him your Concerns

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