Guys help out please?

So I'm in high school and my crush ends up in my class and hez really shy he won't talk to me but just stares at me he asked me out for lunch once and tries a conversation when im alone but he just won't ask me out. how do I look more approachable and look like I won't reject him


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  • You ask him out yourself. I mean it, he seems interested and I think that there's a high change of him accepting it. Don't wait for him, just do it, it's the easier way.

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    • And me asking him out will do just that

    • You don't know if he'll get full of himself. Try to be practical. What do you want to happen? Do you wanna be with him? Than take an action. If he starts getting full of himself you tell him that you couldn't wait for him to do it anymore.

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