Do some white guys seem better fit dating Asian girls then girls of their own race?

A lot of my buddies have been saying since high school that I would be marrying an Asian girl. I dont really know where they got this basis from because I am the whitest guy around, and all 3 of my girlfriends in high school were white, but one day one of my friends was like "I think your going to marry an Asian girl" and then a couple others were like"Ya I could totally see it". I have had other friends at college who are not related to these friends say the same thing out of nowhere. Is it really possible that I would just look better dating an Asian girl? What is the deal with this? Do some white guys seem better matched with Asian women then whites?

And for the record I do like Asian women, a lot, and am not opposed to marrying one, I am just wandering if this is a thing.

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  • Im my opinion, no. White guys and Asian girls look odd most of time.

    Probably because the White guy is usually fat and old, while the Asian girl is young enough to be his daughter and only dates him for money and as a ticket out of her country.