Going to the movies on a second date? Yay or nay?

I mentioned wanting to go to the movies this week since its my day off. Me and this guy went on a date at the beginning of the week and he said he still hadn't seen star wars. I said it wouldn't be the greatest idea for me to go since I hadn't watched any of the series' and left it at that.

Today he asked if I'm sure I don't want to see it. I know he's wanted to see it since before Christmas and he said all his friends have seen it. I mean at least I know he wants to see me again, I'm just uncertain the movies is the best location?

I mean we won't be able to talk throughout the movie for starters. I want to see him again though...

Do you think its a good idea?


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  • Why not? You can still talk (its actually better cause its more like cute soft whispers in the ear cause you have to lean in closer).


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  • Sure :-)
    I mean I'm usually the first one to say to everyone the movied is silly for a date because you literally can't talk or get to know the person, but you've already had your first date :-)

    I say go for it, he'll get to see the film he's wanting to see AND you'll get to spend time with him - win win situation.
    You can always go for a nice walk or something after the film is over

    Just be aware what you're wanting from this, I mean if he tries to get a little touchy touchy watching the film, just be aware and don't let yourself be uncomfortable with a situation - there's no obligation :-)

    Hope it all goes well!

    • Thank you. That is another thing I'm worried about. The last time I went to the movies with a guy he couldn't keep his hands off me. I was so uncomfortable, I didn't end up watching any of the film and I didn't talk to him for a while after.

    • I don't know why some men think it's acceptable to do that. Urgh - I'm sorry that you were in that situation.
      Maybe mention it to the guy, just so you both know where you stand. If he's a good guy with good intentions then he won't take offence :-)

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