Should I change how I act around my friends when my girlfriend is around?

She knows me as more of a good nice boyfriend and we met at college and has seen me more chill and mature. I like many other HS students was very brash, cocky, and arrogant like a lot of my good friends from those days. We're still very close and we went out for the last time before we go back to our colleges and I brought her to meet them. She was reserved as I expected and didn't understand the little digs we took at eachother and actually got mad when my buddy said "your way to good looking to date a guy as ugly as him." I laughed it off and she said she didn't like that side of me and it was shocking to see me like that. I apologized and told her about it but its just how my old HS friends and I act around eachother.


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  • I don't think you should change. This is another part of you and you showed it to her, and that's, in my opinion, a very good thing: you're showing her who you are when you are with your friends, and that's also a very true part of you. Don't change what is not wrong. Instead, the other people should love you for who you are, because you weren't disrespectful or anything. To be honest, I can't see what could be wrong about your friend's remark.
    Actually, I think she might have been jealous that you really enjoy being with your friends ;)

    • It's fun just to talk trash and catch up cause when we're all done with school we will end up moving back home for a little to get our feet under us and look for jobs and I won't ever come back to this college campusm

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  • I don't think you should change at all, as long as you're not an ass to her and treat her with the same respect as when you're alone, you shouldn't change at all. She wil get used to it , and accept it. It was just a bit of a shock for her.

    • I'm defeniatly more sarcastic and a little cocky toward my friends and we trash talk I treat her the same and don't make fun of her I just make fun of them a lot.

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